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I'm in grade 9. I love music. My friends are my life. I love my sister, she is one of my bestfriends. I'm not that confident although it may seem that sometimes I am. I'm always there for people, and I'm told I give good advice, even though I can't even follow it. Well, anyways, follow my blog ? Maybe I'll follow yours.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

 I have an obsession with cats. I apologize in advance if it becomes to much. A few friends and I just have a thing for cats. My cat, their cats, stray cats, all cats. I've always had cats growing up, one cat dies, I got another. That's just how it went. I assume that would help with the obsession. Also, my cat Marty, is a huge hit with my friends, really with any company that comes through my home. Everyone likes him, although Marty may not like you. He rarely likes anyone, especially males, unless he knows you well enough. He's huge as well, like Garfield, literally. Only black and white. Which would explain his nickname, Cow. Makes sense, right. Here's a picture of my little guy and his best friend:

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