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I'm in grade 9. I love music. My friends are my life. I love my sister, she is one of my bestfriends. I'm not that confident although it may seem that sometimes I am. I'm always there for people, and I'm told I give good advice, even though I can't even follow it. Well, anyways, follow my blog ? Maybe I'll follow yours.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Imperfection won't kill you.

It's funny how you think everything can be perfect, yet there is no such thing. I've built myself up to believe that there is perfection out there, and one day I will finally come in contact with it. I expect so much from myself, so much good. I expect the best. I really shouldn't, I'm loved for who I am. Perfection is a fantasy I will never, no one will ever experience. It won't kill you to be, you.

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  1. Imperfection or perfection are just point of views. You can be good at one thing, awesome at another. It's just different degrees of perfection :D

    Just the way i look at it. Keep blogging!