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I'm in grade 9. I love music. My friends are my life. I love my sister, she is one of my bestfriends. I'm not that confident although it may seem that sometimes I am. I'm always there for people, and I'm told I give good advice, even though I can't even follow it. Well, anyways, follow my blog ? Maybe I'll follow yours.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm the biggest daddy's girl you will ever meet in your life. I'm going to be fourteen in a month or so and I still refuse to let my dad go somewhere without giving me hugs and kisses. He is the most important man in my life, and he always will be. When I'm sad or not feeling great I put on one of his sweaters. Everytime I go to his house, my true home, I bring a sweater back, and wear a different one home. When I feel like I'm going to cry I wrap myself in the sweater I have and it feels like hes hugging me and making sure I'm okay. I'd do anything for my dad. He's so funny, always trying to make me and my brothers and sisters, and anyone else who's present, laugh. He always puts a smile on my face. No matter how hard I try I CANNOT stay mad at him for longer than five minutes. He always finds a way to make me smile or burst out laughing. Sometimes it feels like he's being unfair, with all the rules he has, but when I really think about it, I realize that he just wants to make sure that he raises me right. Well, anyways, the reason I'm writing about this is because, I really wish I was with my daddy right now... I'm completely unhappy at the moment... and I have nobody. But I do have one of his sweaters, and I am wrapped tightly in it. Just like I'd be wrapped tightly in his arms if I was at his house. 

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